Dear Single Girl: My BF Makes me Throw Up!


Dear Single Girl,

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to write this scenario down without sounding too gross. My boyfriend loves when I please him below the belt. I use to like giving pleasure to men but that was before I got with him. He is huge and every time I go down I gag. A couple times I even threw up. Yes, all over him. I even think he liked it. I don’t want to stop giving him oral because we are in this relationship together and I believe in reciprocity. I could get away with giving him oral but it takes forever for him to come. I’m talking 20 minutes minimum. What’s a girl to do?

-  Not a Deep Throat

Dear Deep Not a Deep Throat,

I feel your pain. You want to show your BF you love pleasing him but you also don’t want to ruin your vocal cords. There is def a way to find peace with the matter. If your man can’t do without head let him have it but on the condition he can’t treat your pie hole like it’s your love canal. Normally, I wouldn’t support this but in this case DT you need to become a head hunter. Men hate head hunters but if you use both hands, wrapped around the body of the shaft while you address the top your man will feel the same sensation he would if your mouth was doing all the work. Tip: Make sure everything is super lubricated. You don’t want to give him rug burn with your dry ass hands. As you go up and down, your hands should be doing the same motion.

Now, if that isn’t enough try not giving him head on a full stomach. If you know your gag reflex is super sensitive you might have to build up a tolerance. Each time you take him go a litter further than you did before and right when you feel you are about to gag take a pause for the cause and let him rest in that one spot. During that pause your mind and mouth are adjusting and calming down from the initial “I want to throw up” urge.

Let’s direct the time. Twenty minutes of straight jaw action is a bit much. You know you can lock up. Try alternating: mouth, hands, breasts, repeat. While you give your jaw a break use your hands and tea bag him. If you have enough boobs to engulf him, go for it.

I hope this helps. And think about it this way: No man has ever left his GF cause she wouldn’t deep throat or suck him off for 20 mins.

- SG

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15 Responses to “Dear Single Girl: My BF Makes me Throw Up!”

  1. I love you Single Girl!

  2. If he enjoys your blowing chunks after blowing his junk, I don’t see what the prollem is.


  3. I’m kind of shocked reading this. My boyfriend of one month likes the same thing. I have never hear of someone liking the girl to vomit. I’m scared that it is the same guy, does your guy’s name start with the letter N? Please reply in the comment if necessary. Thanks.

  4. Sound advice. Hurling is not a good look. 2 Girls, 1 Cup comes to mind…

    On that note, I’m gone

  5. Head is a beautiful thing, damnit! Let me find a chick that can give me brain for 20 minutes without a fuss and I’ll put a rock on her finger…Good advice SG! Why in the hell are you single????

  6. This is what she needs to do. Inhale when she goes down. Her throat will open up and this wil allow her to put him further in the back of her throat. And when she exhales come up.

    Also men are visual, allow him to see your head bob up and down. Trust me, the time will fly by and you will be done before you know it.

    And sorry singlegirl, men don’t really like all that handwork> The key to being a pro is “look ma, no hands”.

    DJP, I am only looking for 2.5 carate, princess cut set in white gold. Because I got 25 minutes as my all time record.

    Good Luck.

  7. Sound advice and LOL@ Getagrip (but you are so right about the look no hands)

    There are plenty of other ways to give the proper dome job without making yourself sick. But yes, it does take building a tolerance for it. Also, you must relax the tongue and take deep breaths. Your giving head not trying to suffocate/gag yourself.

    You only want to gag because you get him all the way back in your throat then you tense up. Make sure your tongue is relaxed too. Okay well I’m done with my two cents, lol. Good luck! :)

  8. There is such a thing as a sexual attraction to vomit. It is called refluxophilia, emetophilia, and/or vomerophilia. Insanely gross, right? Right. I seriously doubt if your man is getting turned on by the vomit itself. I believe that the fact that he is so huge that he makes you gag to the point of hurling really strokes his ego and gives him a swelled head. (all terrible puns intended.)


    “2 Girls, 1 Cup comes to mind…”

    Thanks…It took me months to unsee what I had seen from that video. Now it has re-etched itself into my retinas. :)

    BTW – that is coprophagia. *shudder*

  10. GetaGrip – PREACH!!!!

    SG – How you on here selling TrickHead to this woman in need? You tryna get her left? and yes a man will leave you if he isn’t getting good head and that’s an important part of his sexual needs

    P.S. We call it TrickHead because it’s the con half ass way a hooker or umcommitted to the cause chick will do it when with a trick.

  11. GVG said it best…NO to “TRICKHEAD”!!!! NO to Friction Burns and no to Luke warm, uncommitted Head!!! Please SG, tell your readership to COMMIT to the Head Work…its so real…

    As a fact…I’ve left relationships for bad head…seriously, not trying to be whack at all. And, I of course told her it was something else less “harsh” to deal with, etc…

    On the other hand, I’ve stayed in very bad relationships longer than I should have B/C of excellent, no hands, real, sanctified head!!!! And, had to fight my whipped ass out of those destructive relationships!! LOL

    A real dude will work with a woman that shows true interest in getting it right, and a little gagging is not the same as throwing up…no cool…


  12. Lol@ “try not to blow him on a full stomach” that’s pretty funny, and there is nothing funny or sexy about vomit, a lil gag is cute, throw up, betta yet on me and we got a problem. 1 cup is the most disturbing thing I have ever seen, funny but absolutely not funny!!! It makes sense to me….

  13. I also have a friend who seems to have this aggressive side to him as well when it comes to oral. Last time we were together he put his hand tightly around the back of my neck and gagged me. He held my head there letting me up then repeating holding me down agian. He said to hold my head down on his **** and to spit. I hate excessively spitting. I’m so infatuated with him and want to give him this but licking up globe of spit turns me a little off.

  14. I do it it work for me

  15. I have don it for my bf

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