Dear Single Girl: Can I Be Allergic To My BF’s Semen?


Dear SG -

I allow my boyfriend to cum in me. Something I really like, and yes I am on birth control. The thing is sometimes it causes a burning feeling inside. I don’t know why it happens. Is it my body fighting the foreign fluid? Any answer or suggestion to another source would help thanks.

-         Burning Up

Dear Burning Up -

This is a very interesting question. It is also one that I can not answer; a doctor I am not. Luckily for you, I know several coochie doctors and forwarded your question to them. Below you will find their responses.


Dr #1:

The Burning infection could either be an infection he or she has. Another possibility is she may have some sort of trauma in the vagina like a superficial laceration from intercourse. Perhaps he is a little ruff. I would recommend STD testing for her and him (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis) and a urine test for her.

She may also suffer from a non-STD vaginal infection such as Bacterial Vaginosis or a yeast infection.

Dr #2:

It should not burn….if it does, she should check for a vaginal infection. It could be a non sexually transmitted infection, like a yeast infection or Bacterial Vaginosis. Or it could be an STD….either way I’d go to a gynecologist and get checked!

There is a chance that it may not be an infection but an allergic reaction to semen. It’s called Human Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity. It can be diagnosed by seeing if you have symptoms only when having sex without a condom. If this is the case it can be officially confirmed by seeing an allergist who will do skin testing. The most serious thing about this is that the allergy can worsen with each exposure and eventually lead to an anaphylactic response, which can include swelling, hives, and possible problems breathing.

My advice, try using condoms and seeing if symptoms improve. If so, then go see your Gyn or internal medicine doctor and get a referral to an allergist. Once the diagnosis is confirmed you can use condoms only or try a histamine blocker that will make the reaction less. You must use it approximately 30 minutes before intercourse.


Burning Up -

I hope this helps you.

See, I’m more than just a dirty mouth. I help people too!

- SG

5 Responses to “Dear Single Girl: Can I Be Allergic To My BF’s Semen?”

  1. Damn. I have known women who say they don’t like the feel of a condom, but I don’t recall any that said they like the feeling of a man cummin inside of them….wow, she’s special, but she best get to her OB doc to get these tests started and in the mean time, heed the advice to try using condoms until specific medical advice related to her issue is obtained. Good going, SG, you’re a really concerned & helpful citizen!

  2. @ DC Man with a Plan,
    I think it feels great to have my man cum inside of me. It’s all warm and cozy, like hot chocolate on a cold night! Ahhhh!
    Ok, back to reality. Yeah… that burning business… she might need to check into that. That doesn’t sound any ways right.

    BTW, The picture is HILARIOUS!!! LMAO. Interesting post girl!

  3. That pic is awesome. And that poor girl should be going to a doctor :(

  4. I was watching a show, I think it was “Mystery Diagnosis,” or something of that nature, anyway, yes it is medically possible to be allergic to the semen or even the flesh down there. A woman came forward and reported this same thing.

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