Black Cougars are the New White Woman


Ladies, there’s a war going on and we don’t even realize it. Cougars aren’t just white women anymore. More and more older sistas are sharpening their claws and going for men 33 and under. I don’t know about you but that’s stepping into my territory.

Sista Cougars are growing in numbers and the crazy thing about them is that they move in silence. Unless you have a male friend that tells you about his dating life you’d never hear about them. For men of color, cougars are the new white woman!

“SG, these ladies might have to step it up,” Manny calls to tell me, still high off the fact his new cougar just paid for his boxing lessons. “These young ladies don’t stand a chance against them.”

This same cougar also footed the bill to for his car’s new tires and a trip to DR.

“So what’s the draw back with Cougars?” I ask.

“They want you when they want you. They value their time much more than young chicks and expect you to respect their time as well.”

I’ve dated younger men before, but we were in the same decade. I don’t know if I could date a man 10 years my junior. Halle Berry did it. But she’s a weirdo so that doesn’t count.

In the name of Girl Power I ain’t mad at an older woman going for hers. The question I do have is will she ever be truly fulfilled?

If I’m 45 and chasing a 30 year old man, coming out my pocket cause I make more than him, have the cash to waste and want to reward him for all the young hard pipe he’s blessing me with I don’t think I’d truly be happy. No matter how convincing a woman is I never believe that she wants to be single, childless, alone, paying for sex.

That goes against our body’s chemistry. We as women are wired to be mothers, nurturers and life partners.

Enough with my tangent…

Cougars want to steal my age appropriate peers. Why are they deciding to date younger? What’s wrong with the men their age? Should we women 33 and under start dating older men. Personally, older men make my head hurt. They are so set in their ways, stubborn and quick ejaculators. Yuck!

Will more and more men soon turn to Cougars? After all it is a recession and if I had someone offering to pay my expenses I’m sure I’ll be all over like Lil Kim on an operating table.

You know what, Cougars go ahead and do your thing. There are more than enough men to go around. And when the ones you have get tired of your graying pubic hairs they’ll come back to us.

- SG

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  1. Hold Up! I am late 30′s..a pebbles throw away from 40 and I have lived a wonderful life. I have never been married, have a grown son and I am even a Grandma! I think if I want to date a man 10 years younger than me, I’ve earned it. I have a wonderful good paying job, a beautiful home and a sex drive that won’t quit. I am in better shape than most in their mid- 20′s! I have maintained and I am reaping the benefits…Young, hung and virile DICK! Don’t hate cause young guys look at me and fantasize. I can teach him much more than any woman his own age. And I train with a smile. I don’t want you to stay over. I don’t need you to spend your money on me. Best believe I will tell you what this “friendship” is all about with no hesitation. I state it up front and have never had one turn me down because he “wants a relationship” or “wants someone to settle down with”. As for the “greying pubic hairs”…aint nothing a Brazilian can’t fix :)

  2. Word up Vegas!! Young chicks demand money spent on them and are needy as f*ck as they’re so desperate to get the Big Bling Ring!! Cougars are much more comfortable in their skin. But guess what the rub is? None of us wants a 40-plus dude. Why? They carry more baggage than JFK Airport and they definitely cum too quickly. But men have body clocks too, so Cougars don’t get too sad when he trades you in for a baby-making younger model.

  3. Think I may have to take a flight out to Vegas.

  4. I’ve dealt with women my age, and older women, “cougars” got these younger women beat by far. If young women were smart they would take notes. And its not about money, older women just know how to tend to a man. The sassy finger snapping overly opionated act gets real tired after a month. Women in ya twenties pay attetion, if you have not had type of sustained relationship in the past 7 years it might be with the problem, might want to get ya mike jackson on….

  5. Btw the sex is crazy, for real for real….had to take it back right quick lol

  6. I wont lie the Black Cougars are the truth. I’ve had a few shuffled into my deck. But it is a hit or a miss…either they’re like Vegas (hey girl, get at me!) or after the first time you hit the “bottom” they’re ready for “something more”.

    Honestly it’s tough…for the latter situation I liked / loved my cougar(s). But did i really want to settle with someone who in a few years will look like Oprah without the money…nah buddy! Shallow but shhhhh….toss the first stone if you can cause like my female friend said the other day it aint about the money but IT IS about the money….rittte!

  7. hold defense to the old heads…i just got out of a relationship with an old head…he was 45 and im 29….he never ever-ever went soft….and we had sex MIN 4 times a week (we lived together)…and he wasnt a minute man…it all depends on the person b/c last week i was wit a someone my age who once he stuck it in came *such a fuckin shame* im a fan of older dudes!!!!

  8. I am in the cougar age range but am not really interested in younger dudes, they however are interested in me. I have a kid in college and cannot ever see being anyone’s sugar mama so I attribute the interest to the fact that i don’t really look my age but because I move through the world with a measure of confidence born of experience that is attractive to them. I actually like dating men in their 40s– I’ve been dating them since i was in my 20s and have not found sexual dysfunction to be an issue.

  9. LMAO…GVG…I think I need to take another trip to Vegas too.

  10. I’m 23 and I’d DEFINITELY “date” an older woman.

    I’m very anal about my time (have my own business) and I really cant stand how clingy some girls my age are….not to mention older women I’d ideally with are truly independent (not just in “name”) and keep themselves in shape.

    I need to look for some cougars!!!

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  12. I am currently a 42 year old dating a 24 year old and might I say a foine 24 year at that. sg, Im sorry that younger men just arent feeling you but please do not take it out on us mature wise women. My man treats me….I dont treat him….mind you he is still a man and yea the pipe is good and he has no complaints about the juicy either as he is always all over me.


  14. I don’t consider my self a cougar, but better a “Black Panther”! Just turned 46 with a boyfriend in his early 20′s. Been together for 2 years. He is very happy and so am I. Its not about sex nor money. We don’t understand it, but we consider it fate and love. As previously said gray pubs ain’t nothing a Brazilian can’t fix, and he loves it. He chased me!!! Until I gave in. He is a man in my eyes. We get age jokes from both sides of our families, but it makes us love even harder. Will it last?? Who knows… But we’re going to ride this ride til it breaks the “F” down!…Lol

  15. I really have a thing for older women am just 19 tho but I just want to know if its a normal feeling which will go away in a while or I am really addicted to older women..Cuz I really cnt stand them I get hard hard any time I see older womn.

  16. i hate young girls. they know less in love. i am seeking an older lady of any age. please email me to thank you. i 19. a loving,honest,caring,sexual guy

  17. Ok.. Here is the deal.. I am 40 but look 26 and have an active healthy fit lifestyle.
    Now alot of men that are in my age range have simply let themselves go.. I would prefer to date older FIT men. However, I find myself more attracted to and attracting men 10 years or more younger than me. I will not date a man younger than 31 b/c of the lack of maturity that most 20 somethings have.

    I also am not trying to be a ‘suga mama’ and spend money on a dude. Money should be used for increasing wealth and becoming debt free not trying to impress a dude and encourage laziness.

    Cougars are NOT required to spend their hard earned money paying a guys bills, and whatever else that is extreme. Not talking about being greedy or selfish just out of the ordinary.

    We all will hit the 40s and beyond so just take care of yourself while you are young and reap the benefits as you age.

    Hope this helps clear stuff up… ;-)

  18. And your IMMATURE rant is EXACTLY y these “TENDERONI’s ADORE US! as for the gray pubic hairs, you ,, my dear will get them soon , and as long as there are Waxing SErvices or a razor and Good Ol’ Barabasol our Punannies WILL STILL BE lookin “PURTY” !!! Husband is 7 years younger than me AND I AM LOVIN IT!!! AND SO IS HE!!! Just wait sweetie u will be on this end of the stick soon enough!

  19. Nothing wrong with a cougar women or sugar momma I luge giving an older women her groove back like Stella am Jamaican and this anaconda always ready for a mature woman!!!

  20. Want one of them sexy,cougars to call me.2678448314.ok thank u.miz!!!

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