Bang Bang, He Shot Me Down


I just don’t have it in me to talk about Chris Brown/Rihanna. Queen Mother and Lady Baby Hair are tackling that topic today. I’ve never been abused…ever. I have friends who’ve had the sh*t shaken out of them. They look back and laugh at it like, “Yeah, I was wildin’ out”. Although I’ve never had a man lay hands on me (in a bad way) I have had dudes crush my ego. Yes, I’m talking about REJECTION.

From a very young age girls are taught that we have the power to attract the opposite sex with a smile, a sparkle in our eye and soft words. By the time we become teenagers we get a sense of how powerful the kit kat is. Then, when adulthood swings around years of getting your way gives women a false sense of security. 

“How dare a man tell me no!”

“What’s wrong with him that he doesn’t want this?”

The first time I was rejected happened in elementary school.  There was this boy named Herbert and he was the cat’s meow in my eye. We were in the 4th grade and he was a man to us–the biggest boy in our class, his voice already changed and he had a juicy butt. We girls would take turns smacking it. One day my friend passed him a note from me (remember notes, oh it was so easy then). It simply said “I likes you. Do you like me?” 

He never responded.

I took it with a grain of salt and grabbed his ass even harder from then on.

Men get rejected every single day. Each “No” builds up tolerance and makes them stronger. 

Women get rejected once every six months. Each “No” takes them one step closer to lesbianism. 

I think more women should be outright rejected. Think of it this way: It’s better to not waste your time at all then go on a sympathy date (he takes you out knowing fully well he isn’t interested but wants to see what he can get out of you), telling your friends about this cool guy you met, sleeping with him, wanting to get serious and he pull away.

The next time you’re at a bar, lounge, etc and spot a guy you think is cute saunter over and smile. Introduce yourself and get a feel for the gentleman. Navigate the conversation without being overbearing. Learn how to flirt without stuffing your panties in his mouth. The more you step outside of yourself the more comfortable you will be and whether or not he asks to see you again it doesn’t feel like a dagger in the heart but rather a mosquito bite. 

Rejection builds character. 

TIP: Ladies, if you approach a man and he doesn’t ask for your phone number…You’ve been REJECTED.

- Says The Single Girl

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  1. i must say…i am guilty of being one of the chics that rarely gets rejected. but lately it is happening more and more. i jus wish i knew why they were rejecting me..b/c my ego cant handle it…i guess karma is a B*tch! lolol

  2. LOL. Yes more women need to be rejected! Sh*t build hella character. The “club” would become a different place if you had to PAY to get in before midnight and no one offered you drinks. I want to see a woman walk all the way across a room to dance with a guy and hear “just enjoying time with the fellas…not realy trying to dance with anybody, thanks.”

    You’d kill yourself. Twice. Thanks.

  3. “Men get rejected every single day. Each “No” builds up tolerance and makes them stronger.

    Women get rejected once every six months. Each “No” takes them one step closer to lesbianism.”

    That statement is so true.
    It’s like…it’s a sin to tell a woman ‘no’.
    It’s the unwritten 11th Commandment.
    Burn in hell if a woman ever hears ‘no’.

    Some women need to be in a man’s shoe for a few days.

  4. Well, rejection sucks. It does make one stronger, though.
    I, personally, go out of my way to keep things ambiguous with most people I meet online/in a bar, etc. It gives me more control over my actions.
    When I’m around beautiful women and intoxicated, which is quite often, I find myself thinking with my dick too much. I hate being an asshole, but that’s exactly what I -start- to become. I literally become god’s (self appointed) gift to women in my mind, start hating myself for it, clam up, and leave.
    So, while, yes I may be interested, I find myself too offensive. From then on I can’t see myself asking whomever I’m attracted to out, out of certainty of rejection.
    Why can’t it be possible to be rejected so many times, or have the rejections be so harsh, that one gets discouraged and gives up altogether?

  5. One last thing about this:
    If a woman rejects a man in a rude and put-down-ish way, it’s normal. I’ve even heard “fuck off. I’m drinking.”
    Why, then, when a man rejects the same woman in an equally put-down-ish way, is it so shocking? I see a double standard at work here. I don’t see why I have to be treated like shit scraped off of a steam roller and still play nice and be polite? Why is it so shocking that I might be in a bad mood and just want to drink, and why am I not allowed to just flip off the cute girl I don’t really want to talk to? Why do I get kicked in the nuts, while she doesn’t get punched in the tits? I hate gender related issues. Of course, equality isn’t the name of the game, fucking is.
    Even so, fuck off, I’m drinking.

  6. I stay shootin’ bitches down. It’s a recession, cash ass or grass. Nobody rides for free.

  7. I agree with netdoc66 , we need to go back to the DJ Quick days Cause Lil Wayne lied it is trickin if u got it !!!!!

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