Are you Trying to Kill Me?

Colorful condoms

One early morning, a couple weeks ago, I was awaken by a frantic phone call from a girlfriend.

“SG, this dude is trying to kill me?”

“Huh?” I jumped out of my stupor. “Call the police!”

“No, not like bang, bang kill me. His ass is a slipper.”

She’d been seeing this guy for a couple weeks. That night they had what was known as the “we’re going to sleep together tonight” date. He picked her up from her place. She wore a flirty dress and made sure her bra and panties matched. They went to a low key but nice restaurant, sat in the corner, next to each other so they could gaze in one another eyes. She was very hopeful about there being more after she dropped her draws.

Several hours later she’s on my phone, going nuts.

“What is a slipper?”

“This dude slipped the condom off during sex!”

“Oh damn.”

Slippers are the bottom of the barrel, dirty dick bastards who, regardless of the relationship with the woman, wants to go raw. He puts on the condom for you to see but just when it’s getting good he reaches down and slips the condom off. Some woman can tell the difference instantly, others don’t know until there is jizz on their thigh and sheets.

Hasn’t The Slipper heard about a disease called HIV or know how babies are made? What makes them some comfortable risking their lives and the life of their partners. The worst part of Slippers is that they take the option away from the woman. If she wanted to sleep without protection she would have agreed to it if the questions was raised from jump. Instead, like a snake you wait until she turns over for doggystyle, taking that brief moment of readjustment to pull it off.


I asked the man gallery about The Slipper. Were they one or did they know of guys who were.

None of them would admit to the act of slippin’ but they gave “what they thought” were the reasons why.

1 – Most Slippers just came out of a long-term relationship

When you have been with someone for a couple years and you just roll over in stick it in with no problems, going back to protected sex makes it hard for you cum. You need to feel the real thing.

2 – Slippers don’t like the feeling of their jizz

“SG, imagine busting one off and having all of your juices entrapped in a plastic wrap stuck on your skin. The sh*t ain’t natural.”

3 – Slippers think they are immune to all disease and if you get knocked up they will deny, deny, deny.

There is no surefire way to detect a Slipper. However, Ladies you can decrease your chances of having a Slipper by holding off on sex

  • Until you’ve discussed your stance on birth control (condoms or pills).
  • Inquire about their last HIV, STD testing and the results (Sad to say that this isn’t even a fool-proof method)
  • Hold conversations discussing pregnancy and STD’s in a non-sexual way.
  • Wait until you marry him.

Ladies, if you have been violated by The Slipper, please understand that once a Slipper, always a Slipper. Cuss his ass out, delete his info and immediately set up an appointment with your coochie doctor to run every test possible. Go back again in three to six months too, cause some stuff takes time to appear.

Now, fellas if you are a Slipper do us all a favor and get into a serious relationship were you can plant your seed in someone who wants it.

- SG

16 Responses to “Are you Trying to Kill Me?”

  1. WOW!! There’s an actual group of men who do this?? And they have a NAME??

    I don’t know any guys who’ve pulled that one. It’s a pretty dumb thing to do. It’s not like I have a disease-proof dick. If I slip it off and YOU have something…what kind of idiot does that make me??

    Yeah ladies, be careful. As for me…”my momma didn’t raise no fool” The condom goes on and stays on…

  2. Southern Comfort

    Monday, 6th April 2009 at 6:34 PM

    Well SG as a man who has a sometimes overwhelming affection for women and the acts that can be achieved at a certain point am not a Slipper. However I am familiar with some “slippish” situations. Most common I think is the “RE-UP” slip. This is where a guy may have multiple condoms at hand. He slips off the condom to get a few “meat to meat” strokes (down south sex slang) Yankees feel free to use it! Then when he gets a better erection he puts it back on, to finish the job proper like. All of this is based on the pressure to satisfy the woman! Cause yall will talk about a nigga who didn’t dick u down right! Hey SG did u know there was a such thing as “mutual slippage” or the Woman being the “Slippee”. You can get back to me on those!

  3. After reading the first few sentences, I thought this post was going to be about a guy who was too ummm small for his condom and hence slipped out of it. Nothing worse than a non-Magnum man trying to wear a Magnum condom. But this here is much much worse. Yuck!

  4. Yeah. I’ve had this happen a few times in my less experienced days. After the second time I got hip to the game and cut his ass off.

    Good subject though, I bet this happens more than many women realize.

    Oh, and LOL @ So. Co “Meat to Meat” So vulgar but so apropos.

  5. Damn….I’m a dude and I never heard of men doing this. This is new to me..

  6. just-a-black-girl

    Friday, 10th April 2009 at 4:20 PM

    Damn! This is bad!! No wonder the rates of HIV and Aids are so high amongst the black community…:o(

    Thanks for the heads up, Single Girl!!

  7. I was violated by a dirty dick bastard aka “the slipper”. I had waited until i was in my 20′s to have sex and my first time was with a friend. I was well prepared with the condoms and had went through all the questions with him about his status. Well when we got to the night of the festivities, i put the condom on him to make sure it was on. I was not on birth control at the time, so i wanted that condom on there securely. Well we are doing our thing and when we are done im looking at him and he is laying there and says to me ‘ I just want you to know i came twice’. Im like ok. I get up to go to the bathroom the condom is in the bed. This ass hole slipped the condom off when i was turning to the back. I freaked out. I hated him after that because he gave me an STI. I just came believe someone would do something like that. I have been getting tested every year for the past 8 years, sometimes twice a year. I hope i never meet another spineless dirty dick bastard like that again.

  8. I absolutely agree. I had a man who tried to pull that crap on me. I sent him packing. Who does he think he is?

  9. wow i’ve never heard of this and i can’t believe it happens…what the heck is going on in people’s minds…

  10. Yes this happens unfortunately but I didn’t know there was a name for them. I know two ladies who were impacted negatively by a slipper.

    One lady got pregnant and the other lady got HIV. Yes, HIV. He infected her ON PURPOSE then blew town. She never heard from him again.

    So be careful ladies.

  11. this ilz pretty interestin and sad as well.. .but shid wut about the women dat kno how to work their muscles and pull da condom off whill havin sex.. bout gettin both sides of da story bfo postin a article like dis so all can be aware dat ppl do dis kinda b/s for wuteva purpose dey may hav.. …aah shyt wait nvm.. . i forgot men are posed to settle wit dis ish happenin to dem. …. .

  12. that is a damn shame…nd dwn rite disrespectful to all females
    that someone would actually think about doing this.

  13. As a man… hmm thats a durty ass Mofo
    how could you pulled off your gloves while penetrating a woman you ‘re barely know!
    Think! before acts!guys!!!

  14. So…. why are some of your article written with improper grammar dispensed sparsely throughout? Are you trying (and succeeding, I might add) to sound like a fool because you think it’ll make you more authentic, or something?

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