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“Jesus Broke Up My Marriage”

Long ago I decided that before I get married me and my future husband would seek couple’s counseling. There’s no way I want to enter a union with unresolved issues that could one day mean the demise of my marriage. Whether it be our childhoods, relationships with parents (or lack there of), trust issues, low [...]

The Dirty, Stinking (Possibly Rotten) Truth

Manny has a problem. He likes this girl but there’s one thing that is keeping him from going forward with her…wait for it…her vagina smells. Manny describes her pre-shower odor as a mean combo of ass and fish. Post shower, Manny was puzzled to find that there was still an order. This time she smelled [...]

What I’ve been Up To

If you’ve noticed I haven’t been writing much lately. I have a couple things to take care of before I can get back in to the swing of things. Someone broke into my house last week, while I was home! I’m applying for jobs. I’m seeing someone. My mother brought me a scale so now [...]