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Whose Job Is It To Have Condoms?

On more than one occasion I’ve found myself hot and bothered but sexless because neither he nor I had condoms. In the heat of the moment what usually happens is you start up then pause to check if you have a condom on hand. Well, when you don’t your will is tested: “Should I?” “Just [...]

“Dear SG: Small Town Girls Have It Hard”

Dear SG, I read the post ”Why You Can’t Find a Good Man“. As usual the information was on point. Unfortunately, the information didn’t apply to me for the simple fact that: 1 – I did not go to college 2 – I don’t have a big shot career, although I am independent and work for my [...]

Always a Boyfriend, Never a Husband

We always take pity upon women who are always the bridesmaid and never the bride. 27 dresses drove that point home. The chick was in love with her boss, who fell for her sister and ended up pushing away a guy who did like her (he was actually a reporter doing a story on her [...]

Baby, It’s Time To Get New Furniture

Don’t ask me why but I always find myself in situations where most people would flip out. I’m at a friend’s house on the couch, enjoying their cable when it became clear to me that their roommate was getting it “IN” in the other room. Being the person that I am, I simply turned up [...]

I’d Cheat On My Husband

No marriage is perfect yet whenever we hear of infidelity we automatically assume that it is the man that is stepping out. It’s almost as if it’s acceptable. . “Oh, he cheated. That dog. Please pass the salt.” . But let it be a woman who cheats on her husband and she becomes lower than [...]