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The Girlfriend Bailout Plan (VIDEO)

Girlfriends speak to Congress about why moving in with their boyfriends just makes fiscal sense right now. (STSG NOTE: There needs to be a colored girl verison. )

Tell Me the Truth, You Just Don’t Want To Be With Me!

Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you are the one trying to the find the words to gently let the other person down. Years ago, I dated this guy. There were signs that he was on the fence about where we were going. So, I took the opportunity to hit the brakes. I [...]

He was Addicted to Sex, But Not How You Think

He sat across from me on our first date and made a shocking confession. “I am addicted to sex.” For some reason, I didn’t react. I wasn’t disgusted. In fact I believe I even smirked. “Really?” I never had someone tell me they were a sex addict. Not sure that a first date was the [...]

I’m Addicted to Wedding Shows

                                               I have an obsession. It’s not intervention worthy, but an issue of concern nonetheless. Bridezillas. Whose Wedding is it Anyway? Say Yes to the Dress. Platinum Weddings. Rich Bride, Poor Bride. Do [...]

Why You Can’t Find a GOOD Man

Tweep David L Patrick forwarded me his great post about a topic we all love to talk about–Why women are single. I thought I’d share it with you because when I say the same thing you think I’m talking crazy. Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was reading a blog that I tend to read very often by [...]