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Should You Check Your Boo’s E-mail or Cell?

I was listening to The Wendy Williams radio show when the topic of “Should You Look Through Your Partners Phone/E-mail” came up. The woman sitting in for Wendy said she’d been married for 12 years but still looks through her man’s phone and e-mail accounts. All the men in the studio disagreed. The callers were [...]

“Why Are Women So Trifling?!?”

  I love it when Manny goes off about some woman. It usually takes a while for him to reach his bullshit limit and finally react to the shenanigans of his girl of the moment. She hears the milder version. I get the full, uncut and raw tirade. All of my guy friends swear that [...]

The Groupie Guidelines

This week is the NBA draft which means dozens of parties, hundreds of professional or soon-to-be professional athletes and thousands of groupies will descend upon New York City. This year I’ve decided to give the ladies on a quest to snag a Baller during special events (i.e. Draft Parties, All-Star weekend, Super Bowl Weekend, etc) [...]

I’m Not a Lesbian, But My Next Lover May Be

I never gave dating a woman much thought. I have imagined what sex with a woman would be like as opposed to my pounding, sweat drops hitting me in my eye, grunting, bed breaking sexcapades with men. For some reason I assume sex with a woman would be softer, longer, more intense cause unlike men, [...]

“I Call Her My Fianceé Because She’s More Than My Girlfriend”

If you ever want to know what’s on the mind of a man go out to dinner with a bunch of guys. About an hour into it, you will start to hear their crazy rationale, doggish behavior and insecurities. The keys to making this work: liquor, good food and great company. You can’t jump down [...]