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Who is…Says The Single Girl?

In the three months since this site launched some folks still haven’t figure out what STSG is all about. For all of you who get me, thanks. For those who are still scratching your heads, give it time. With that said, I figured I’d write a little synopsis…   Who is…Says the Single Girl? I never [...]

PSA: Ladies, Lace Front Wigs Are Not Your Friend

For as long as there has been women on earth, we’ve always tried to find way to make ourselves more beautiful. Whether it was crushing roses to make blush or fashioning corsets from animal bone for a slimmer waist; women have no limit for achieving beauty. However, not all things are for all people. One [...]

Telling a Man You are Taken Means Nothing to Him

Every woman gets badgered at least once a week by a guy, who under different circumstances may be nice, but can’t take a hint. There once was a time (probably back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) when a man would approach a woman and she could politely decline. No harm, no foul. Both parties would [...]

The Woes of Living Alone

  The sweetest time in adulthood is when you live alone. You’re out of the parents house and can afford not to have roomates. It will be a while before you even let the thought of moving in with a gf/bf or getting hitched enter your mind. For the time being, you enjoy waking up [...]

Baby, You Need to Get a Job

The recession is in full swing, which means the dating game is being forced to reinvent itself. No more wining and dining. Instead, more talking and casual meet ups. Now that the economy is done to crap, will you rethink your criteria for a mate? I took it to my TWEEPS and got some interesting [...]