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Beyonce is Why You Are Single (VIDEO)

100 ladies pop, lock and drop it in step to Beyonce’s Single Ladies (SMH)

If Jesus Could Wife a Whore, Why Can’t You Wife a Lady with a Baby?

Talk about double standards.

There are folks who are single, yearning to be coupled up yet scoff at the idea of dating a perfect candidate just because he or she has kids.

“I Know Why Northern Women are Single”

As a gentleman living below the Mason Dixon line, I often wonder why there are so many hot ass, upwardly mobile, driven, accomplished and financially stable women from the north.  A vast majority of them being single! I mean as a young’in I used to love visiting during the summer. I’d get turned on hearing [...]

Girl, You Are Doing Too Much

I got a text other night from a homegirl who wanted to see what I could do about helping her “he’s not my boyfriend, we’re just friends” a job. INSERT SCREW FACE HERE Homegirl: Hey SG, do you know of any accounting jobs. NotMyBF is looking to get into accounting and I want him to [...]

Women do not like Weak Men (Period, end of story!)

Fellas, if you have used this argument: “I’m a good dude; problem is chicks don’t want a good man.” Chances are you have convinced yourself that GOOD is a nice way of saying what you really are-WEAK. Now, not all good men are weak but a majority of them are and they think that is [...]