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I Love My Coochie Doctor

When I was in college MTV did a special on teens going to the doctor for their private parts. This girl agreed to have her first gyn examination done on camera for all to see.  It got me to thinking that if I’m grown enough to have sex, I need to be grown enough to [...]

I’m No Longer Young and Tender

       There was a time when me and my girls would hit the club with the goal of dancing and meeting cute boys to buy our drinks. We’d prance in 3-inch heels that didn’t hurt, tight jeans that fit like a second skin and shirts that made our boobs sit up and salute. [...]

What a Weekend…

This pretty much sums up my weekend. Give me a couple hours to adjust and I’ll have some new stuff up shortly. (sidenote: google “drunk, black, girl, woman” and you’d be amazed at all the porn that comes up. this was the best pic I could find…SMH) – SG

Why are You With This Guy? (The Joke That Doesn’t Work Both Ways)

You are the new girlfriend and you’re being introduced to his friends. “Oh my god, you are gorgeous. Why are you with this guy?” You are somewhat embarrassed. How are you supposed to respond? “He has a big dick, that why I’m with him.” Of course not. Instead you smirk and make noises like you [...]

Negotiating a Lover

Back in my younger days I had a lovely stable of lovers who I held on retainer. If I wasn’t in a serious relationship I could call on one (only one) to hold me down for a period of time.

Each short-term work assignment was carefully planned.

It was never to last longer than 4-5 months. After 5 months the routine would lead to feelings and a break would be in order for an undetermined period of time.