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What Do I Look Like, A Maid?

By: Nafeesa Saboor aka “The Style Scrybe” ( I’ve never been much of a domestic. I don’t mind cooking, but I’ve always preferred that someone else do the cleaning. It came as quite and unwelcomed surprise, then, when I realized that much of my romantic life has been and will be spent cleaning up after [...]

If You’re a Big Girl, Chances are You’re a Slut

“All fat girls are sluts.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, then again since it was coming from Dallas I could believe it. Dallas is a dear friend, of the gay persuasion and is living with a girl roommate who is obese, damn near 40 and the mother of all whores. She has a [...]

Mr. Fronter

Women get a bad rap. We’re characterized as materialistic, superficial and accused of living above our means. This may be the case for some women who’ve been caught up in the SATC fantasy land. There are many of us who aren’t consumed with shoes, bag and dresses. Nevertheless we get lumped into the same category. [...]

The Cost of Dating

Not sure if you heard, but there is a recession creeping across America and aside from the middle Americans who have foreclosed on their homes, that single mother who lost her job and can’t feed her kids or the college kid who is no longer getting financial aid, single women are suffering. If you are unwed, unattached and out on the dating scene, like myself, you may have noticed something is amiss.

I Love My Ho Ass Friends

I came across this great new online radio show and last week’s topic was “Fun with a Four-Letter Word”. The hosts (shout out to Parlour Magazine’s Steely D) had a frank discussion about porn with adult star Roxy Reynolds. At some point during the talk someone raised the question: Where do you get sex tips from?