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Dear Single Girl: My BF Makes me Throw Up!

Dear Single Girl, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to write this scenario down without sounding too gross. My boyfriend loves when I please him below the belt. I use to like giving pleasure to men but that was before I got with him. He is huge and every time I go down [...]

SATC Has Ruined Your Dating Life

This weekend I had the pleasure of watching the Sex and the City feature film for the first time. It wasn’t a pleasure because of the film itself but because of the company I was in. An opinionated, Mr. Big-hating, Aidan-loving, heterosexual man, who paused the film throughout to blast the character’s decisions and reiterate [...]

Single Sex vs Couple Sex

  I love my male friends. What I love even more is the fact they know they can talk to me about anything when it comes to relationships and sex and I not freak out, hit them over the head with my “Women’s Morals and Virtue Bible” or hang up the phone when they call [...]

Womb For Sale

I’m getting older and my mother wants grandbabies. Ladies, if you thought that was pressure, imagine the added weight of your FATHER hitting you up for grand kids! I almost crashed the car when he made this declaration as we drove to the grocery store. Pops: I want to introduce you to Mike. SG: Who [...]

No Book will Help You Get a Man

Steve Harvey appeared on Queen Mother‘s show yesterday. Just the ads that promoted the show gave millions of single women goose bumps. By the end of the and into the wee hours of the morning, every other Facebook status and Tweet was speaking about the show. Let’s be real, most of Oprah’s viewers have no [...]